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——UPBEAT has been IB PYP World School since July 2019 !!—–
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【2021 Summer Course】
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【UPBEAT Declaration for continuing COVID-19】
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Philosophy International true “all-around education”

School Mission

We want our students to be responsible for their own learning and how to be lifelong learners
Students will learn how to set goals and make a plan to meet them successfully.
Take action on global issues and being confident to take the best of each person for the benefit of the team.

We hope to prepare a child of today to be ready to graduate in 2030-2035, making his or her way in a job somewhere in the 21st Century as a global citizen.

School Philosophy

・UPBEAT believes every student has different strengths, needs, gifts and dreams which make them unique.
・Our education promotes a well-balanced curriculum to develop their intellectual, creative, personal, social, and physical abilities.
・The school is committed to educating both Japanese and foreign students to be international, critical thinkers and lifelong learners by encouraging their curiosity and learning through inquiry.
・The world is constantly changing, therefore we must discover all we can know about what that world would be like in the future, to prepare and empower our children to be open-minded, reflective, and confident for the challenge.
・We hope to foster our students with a sense of global awareness and to have an understanding of the cultural diversity seen around the world.
With these attributes, our students can contribute to creating a better and more peaceful world.

>  About International Baccalaureate
  • 1. Extensive School Building and School Yard
    The total size of the grounds is 600 tsubo (approximately 1983 m2) which includes the school building and school yard. In addition, a parking lot is available for drop off and pick up times. Together, this provides an ideal environment in which children can focus on learning.

  • 2.Music as a Compulsory Subject
    Cultivating musical inspiration with a phased approach through eurythmic piano (0 years old ~), eurythmic violin (4 years old ~), and an integrated music curriculum consisting mainly of solfeggio theory (grade 1~).

  • 3.P.E.
    During the winter season, our physical education curriculum is provided by a teacher specialized in P.E to promote growth and development in children’s athletic performance using implements such as vaulting boxes, horizontal bars, mat exercises, and jumping rope. (preschool ~ Grade6)

  • 4.Swimming as a Compulsory Subject
    During the summer season, swimming lessons are provided at our partner sports club. Children learn the basis of swimming and are placed into classes of various levels according to initial ability.

  • 5.Programming / IT
    Eyeing future trends, a computer room is fully equipped in order to facilitate programming instruction and exploration to children.

  • 6.The Third Language
    Activities that integrate a third language such as French, Chinese, and Spanish are provided. Opportunities to experience multiple languages are offered.

  • 7.On-site Cooked School Lunch
    Each day our kitchen staff cooks and serves hot nutritious meals to all students.Allergy-free lunches are avaiable.

  • 8.After school Program
    Making use of the extensive school building, ballet, karate, and Japanese lessons are available at UPBEAT as after school programs. These various activities are offered on the same site as UPBEAT’s daily academic program.


UPBEAT Curriculum consists of the International Baccalaureate PYP Program, which cultivates a person who is able to think for themselves and act on their own.


“Prep.School” looks after children starting at the age of 0-2 years old. This course is aimed at nurturing “independence”, “understanding of group living rules”, the “ability to think in English”, and the “ability to auditorily process English sounds naturally”.

pre school

“Preschool” promotes a balanced comprehensive education such as “theme education incorporating presentation” and “math / science / social studies / music / P.E. / swimming / show & tell”. Based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) Early Years Stage for preschoolers from 3-6 years old.


“Elementary” applies to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) offered at our school. It offers students the opportunity to achieve high level English skills through the six transdisciplinary subjects to develop inquiry while simultaneously developing a mature sense of humanity, global consciousness and be problem thinkers. Both of these goals led students to intercultural understanding and respect to be international mindedness.

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Preschool Tempaku Campus

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