【The Director Award in Calligraphy Contest】

One of our 4th grade students earned the director award in Calligraphy contest!
Great Job and Congrats!


【Summer Course Activity Vol.1】

Hand-Made Karuta Project as a Summer Course Special Activity!
Karuta is a traditional Japanese card game and UP Kids made an original E ...

【Elementary Social Studies】

The Grade 2 students have been raising summer vegetables in the Social Studies class, and we were finally able to harvest them!
The stu ...

【2020 UPBEAT Summer Course Kick off!】

2020 UPBEAT Summer Course Kick off!
"Earth Resources” across many different subjects is our theme this Summer.
Amazing Summer Exc ...

【IB Live Class Session】

UPBEAT Elementary students joined the “The Big Live Classroom Event”. This event was coordinated by another IB school in Australia, and 100, ...

【UPBEAT Graduation Ceremony 2019】

2019 UPBEAT Preschool Graduation was held at each campuses!!
UP graduates were cerebrated under a gorgeous blue sky.
We are proud  ...

【New School Bus Arrived】

We've got a new TOYOTA bus today!
Our 6th bus♡ It's multi functional and really cool! Can't wait to drive for UP Kids!

UP O ...

【UPBEAT Winter Event 2020】

UPBEAT concluded 2019 with multiple energetic and fun events!
All the kids including 0yr babies had so much fun seeing Santa and gett ...

【Elementary Campus】

Tempaku Elementary New Campus will be coming soon in April!
It's quite big school facing a wide sport yard in front.
Please enjoy ...

【New Friend@Nakagawa】

We’ve got a new and cute friend!
His name is Oreo and he loves running around school:)
Nice to meet you!! :)

UP Office ...