【連休の注意喚起 】


◇ 感染の危険性のある場所へのお出かけはお控えください。
◇ 連休後登園・登校時、もし体調の変化などが見られましたら登園・登校前にご連絡下さい。
◇ 万が一国外へお出かけの際はご連絡ください。帰国後2週間の自粛をお願いしています。

感染の第4波到来が鮮明となった現在、愛知県下でも「まん延防止等重点措置」適用中です。県外においても 「まん延防止等重点措置」の適用、又は「緊急事態宣言」が発出されている地域があります。


[:en]To All UPBEAT Parents and Guardians,

It is the Golden Week Holiday! As we are still trying to minimize the effects of the Novel Coronavirus, we are seeking your assistance in helping make sure everyone within the UPBEAT Community stays safe and healthy.

◇UPBEAT strongly recommends everyone should stay away from places or situations with increased risk of COVID-19.
◇Please contact your Campus Office if you see any health conditions changes for your child/ children when returning next week
◇In case you or your family goes abroad, please inform the Office. After returning from abroad, please understand that you will need to undergo a 2 week quarantine period.

The 4th wave of the Novel Coronavirus infection is spreading quickly, and Aichi Prefecture has put together stronger measures to fight off the spread of this virus. Other prefectures have also put into effect similar measures or have declared a State of Emergency.

With everyone's continued understanding, support, and cooperation, we have had ZERO infections at all of our UPBEAT Campuses for over a year. To maintain a safe and secure place for our children, we kindly ask for your continued support and efforts in this matter. We are excited to see everyone's happy faces after the holiday and hope everyone returns safe and well-rested!

Thank you for your continued support.