【About our School’s Response to the COVID-19 Situation (Notice)】

Hello UPBEAT Parents and Guardians,

We would like to inform you of our protocol regarding Post-COVID19, and share with you for your reference.

In case a student and/or staff at one of our UPBEAT Campuses contracts the coronavirus, these are the actions we would like to take;
・The affected campus or campuses may be closed for a certain period of time according to the instructions given to us by the related parties.
・We will cooperate with the related parties and give priority to their decisions and policies.
・We will disinfect the campus to ensure that all of our students and staff will not be at risk when they return to our campuses.
・In case the affected campus or campuses are closed, we will shift to online lessons or video distribution using ICT after a two-day preparation period (excluding some courses).
・Despite campus closure, our students' English education will remain our first priority and we will continue to provide educational programs to the best of our abilities.
・We will continue to respond to phone calls or emails during our business hours and will make sure to be available to any of your questions and concerns.

In order to maintain everyone's safety during this pandemic, we will continue to do our best to implement measures to avoid the spread of diseases.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time and thank you again for your understanding.