UPBEAT International School Tempaku Campus Sports Day

On Saturday, May 25th, UPBEAT International School Tempaku Campus held its Sports Day.

We interviewed Anna, a nursery teacher who has been looking after the children throughout the practice about this event, which was held at Tempaku Park Ground.

■Please tell us about any memorable moments or challenges during the practice period.

Practice began in April and lasted about two months.
Although it wasn't a long period, as a teacher, I was very happy to see the amazing growth of the children.

This event depends on the weather. So, we sometimes could not practice during the rainy days. And practicing in the heat was tough for the kids.
Despite these challenges, seeing them cheer with loud voices, dance gracefully and try their best to race, made us teachers also to work hard to prepare for the event.

■What was the most exciting event of Sports Day?

There were exciting events for both children and parents.

The most exciting event for children was the relay race for the Dragon class (5-6y.o. class) .

Everyone had a very hard time completing a lap at first, but they practiced repeatedly, ran and ran as hard as they could, and the team came together as one.

Both the Red and White teams were determined to win, showing great team spirit.

This embodies the main goal of the UPBEAT Sports Day.

Seeing the children understand this and practice wholeheartedly was an inspiration to the younger students, making it a very exciting event.

In the parents' participation event, the mothers' “three-legged race” and the fathers' “tug-of-war,” were full of excitement.

I think children rarely see adults working so hard daily.

However, in the tug-of-war competition, all the fathers communicated by shouting, "1, 2, pull!" They were trying their best to communicate with each other.

I felt that it was a good opportunity for the children to see their fathers, working together and putting in their best effort, which I think was really inspiring for them.

■What are the differences between UPBEAT's Sports Day and a typical Japanese kindergarten Sports Day?

UPBEAT provides education in accordance with the IB (International Baccalaureate) educational policy, and we incorporate its principles into our Sports Day.

Typical Japanese kindergartens and nursery schools often teach children to march in a line.
Of course, there are good aspects to this, but UPBEAT's Sports Day is a little different.

At UPBEAT, children showcase their individual strengths as they enter, exit, and participate in the events. .

I think this approach is a unique aspect of UPBEAT

■Many parents actively participate in UPBEAT's Sports Day. Why do you think this is?

It certainly is. I wonder why?

I think it is because, like the children, parents also have a great desire to make the event exciting for everyone.

The nursery teachers and staff at UPBEAT feel very grateful for this enthusiastic participation.

Parents also contribute by providing drinks for the event and writing us warm letters, expressing their desire to make the event a success for everyone.

I believe that the positive attitude of the children and their families working together to make the event a success is reflected in the participation of the parents in the competition.

■What was your most memorable moment from the whole process from practice to the actual event?

The most memorable moment for me was the relay for the Dragon class, which I mentioned earlier.

During the final sprint of the relay, even the adults stood up in excitement.

The 'anchor' running the last leg with the baton made it through the end, which made this year's score a tie.

It was extremely exciting, and the fact that both the Red and White teams' score was a tie and both teams could celebrate, that left a lasting impression on me.

■Finally, do you have any comments?