Intensive English Lessons Using Overseas Textbooks!! Intensive English Lessons Using Overseas Textbooks!!

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Developing Communication Across International Borders - As Well As Languages!! 語学だけではなく、国境を超えた人間同士のコミュニケーション能力を培う

Our goal is to educate both Japanese and foreign students to be international and critical thinkers.
We’re not just preparing students for short-term challenges we’re preparing for English challenges in the future.


「大学入学共通テスト」に自信をもって臨むための「4技能」をしっかり構築 「大学入学共通テスト」に自信をもって臨むための「4技能」をしっかり構築

  • Reading


  • listening


  • writing


  • Speaking


Our Saturday Program and After School Academic Program provide English immersion for students to excel in English Language Learning. We want our students to achieve proficiency in academic language skills by teaching them to be proficient readers and writers. Our students will come away with a capacity to listen and have confidence with communicating.

For Children with “High English Proficiency”,
These Lessons are Indispensable Within Our Diversifying Society

Primary Program

For beginners
Age; 3 years old to Elementary Grade 6


  • Conversational Skills

Lessons are specialized speaking skils!!
Students will learn English through enjoylable Hands on activities and Book Story.

Advanced Program

For Children who have Graduated from Preschool or Returned from Overseas
Age : Elementary Grade1 ~ 6


  • Science
  • Speech
  • English Reading & Writing

Three subjects are available! Different subjects are offered on different days of the week.
Children will further develop their English skills through different approaches.

Saturday School

Develop their understanding of the English Language
in a completely immersive English environment!!

Basic Course

For Beginners
Age:3 Years Old to Elementary


  • Conversational Skills
  • Phonics
  • Writing
  • Reading Comprehension

-Build your child’s reading comprehension skills
-The four skills taught in our After-School lessons (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) have been doubled
-Now, reading comprehension practice will be offered
-Your child will have a “study-abroad in a day” experience with full English immersion all day

Advanced Course

For Children who have Graduated from Preschool or Returned from Overseas
Age : Elementary Grade1 ~ 6


  • Global Studies
  • Reading Comprehension

-Improve Your Child’s Reading Comprehension Skills by using reading materials and novels written in native English.
-In Global Studies, the students will learn about a wide-range of societies using international textbooks


  • Test
  • Make-Up System
  • School Events

We have a comprehensive system to support our children’s learning habits.
Additionally, UPBEAT provides school events where you can experience English outside of regular classroom hours.


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