School Life

Your child will have a safe and secure school environment at UPBEAT.
We support our students’ academic, emotional, and physical health by providing a well-balanced
and delicious hot lunch, and school bus services.

01 classroom
02 Cooking Room
03 Multi Purpose Room


UPBEAT International School provides a nutritious hot lunch prepared in the school kitchen
by licensed chefs every day

The menu under the guidance of the dietitian promotes children’s healthy growth.

Please feel free to consult with us concerning our allergy-free food.


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Information about Elementary school

School Bus

The school bus travels on different routes.
Please contact the office for more information.

小学部 Tempaku Campus
301, Shimadagaoka, Tempaku, Nagoya, Aichi



Our original school uniform and P.E.uniform are designed
to make the classic UPBEAT red color shine on the students who wear them.

  • Uniform(Summer)
  • Uniform(Winter)
  • P.E.