Please see the frequently asked questions below.
For more information, please view the other materials available on our website or visit us in person for a consultation.
We will do everything we can to answer all of your questions in detail.
For a tour of the school or a trial lesson, please contact us in advance to make an appointment.

Applying to Our School

Can I come for a tour of the school?
We run school visits and tours upon request.
Please contact us through our homepage or by phone, to inform us of a time that suits you. A member from that campus will then contact you to arrange a time.
Can anyone apply?
We have set age groups and conditions for each campus. Please contact the office for more information.

When can new students join?
Students most frequently join at the start of the school year in April, or at the beginning of a new trimester. However, if there are vacancies in the class, entry from the beginning of any month is also possible.
Do parents/guardians need to be able to speak English?
Messages from the school are in both English and Japanese, so if parents can speak either of these languages there will be no problem. When speaking with teachers or during parent-teacher conferences, staff members are also available to translate into Japanese.
When can I apply?
Applications for the new school year in April open from September the previous year. For joining partway through the school year, please consult with the office staff at the relevant campus.
Can I have a trial lesson?
We have trial lessons for our Elementary, Saturday School and After School classes. For other classes, we do not run trial lessons. However, you can arrange to come to the school and view the classes.

School Bus

Do you have a school bus?
We have a school bus for the Preschool, Prep. Preschool, Elementary School and After School Center. However, we do not have bus services running for other courses, such as the After School and Saturday School.
Can I choose the pick-up and drop-off points for the bus myself?
Parents cannot decide the specific time or location for the school bus route. Please follow the route and schedule chosen by the school.


How many people are in one class?
We have small classes and tailor the number of children based on their age group, so they can develop and meet the relevant milestones. We also balance student to teacher ratios to provide a safe, supervised environment suited to each child’s age.
What happens during the summer, winter and spring holidays?
For Nursery, Prep.Preschool, Preschool, and Elementary, we do not have a summer vacation, except for Obon week. We hold classes as usual in July and August. This is to ease any burdens on parents and provide fun and quality education for children throughout the summer period. For those who would like to join during the winter and spring holidays, we have applications available for short-term courses.
What after school programs and extracurricular activities do you have?
We aim to make education as convenient as possible for parents, by offering a range of extracurricular activities all in the one place. Our extracurricular classes include: Calligraphy, private piano lessons, ballet, dance, gymnastics and soccer. Please speak with the office for more information.


Do children need to bring their own lunches?
≪ Nursery・Prep. Preschool・Preschool・Elementary ≫
All campuses have a hot school lunch prepared, so there is no need for students to bring their own.
≪ Saturday School ≫
Parents can choose whether to order a hot school lunch, or have their child bring their own.
≪ Other Courses ≫
For any classes apart from those above, lunch boxes are not required.
※ When planning field trips and special events for any of the classes, we may contact you in advance and request that students bring their own lunch.
Do you have policies for allergies?
We can arrange special lunches for students with food allergies. However, this depends on the individual child and the nature of their allergies. Please speak with the school for more information.


What kind of events do you have?
≪ Nursery・Prep. Preschool・Preschool・Elementary ≫
Our annual events include the Opening Ceremony, Easter Event, Sports Day, Over Night Camp, Halloween Party, School Recital, Christmas Event and Graduation Ceremony. We have various events throughout the school year. These events are held on the dates set in the UPBEAT annual calendar.
≪ Other Courses ≫
Events include the Halloween Party, Christmas Event, winter and spring courses, Over Night Camp, short overseas exchanges. Please check our website or Facebook page for details about upcoming events.
What involvement do parents have in school activities?
≪ Nursery・Prep. Preschool・Preschool・Elementary ≫
We have biannual class observations and parent-teacher conferences. These are opportunities for parents to consult with teachers and keep track of their children’s development and learning. When speaking with teachers, we also offer Japanese-English interpretation. We are not running any PTA groups. For those who are interested, we offer Eiken training and consultations about student exchanges.
≪ Saturday School, After School ≫
We have class observations and test week, which are both held three times per year.
For those who are interested, we offer Eiken training and consultations about student exchanges.
Can children who are not students at the school participate in events?
Some of our events are open to participants from outside of the school.For event updates and how to apply, please check our website or Facebook page.


What happens after graduation from the preschool?
Children who graduate from the Prep. Preschool (0-2 years) may follow on to join the Preschool, Saturday School or After School classes. Most children continue to the Preschool (3-5 years).
After graduating from Preschool (3-5), students may continue into the elementary school at UPBEAT (after sitting an entrance test), or they may change to another private or public elementary school. Students who join a Japanese elementary school may join other UPBEAT graduates in the Saturday School or After School classes.

2-3-18 Hachiban Atsuta, Nagoya, Aichi

1-5-1 Yoshimoto-cho, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi

201, Shimadagaoka, Tempaku, Nagoya, Aichi

301, Shimadagaoka, Tempaku, Nagoya, Aichi