Curriculum Focusing on High-Level English Education and Discussion

We focus on the core academic subjects of English, Reading and Writing, along with Math, Science, Social Studies and Japanese education as well. We also offer IT Program, Calligraphy, Music, Arts and Crafts, and P.E. as subsidiary subjects. This curriculum reinforces a high level of academic achievement that UPBEAT uniquely possesses. On top of that, we offer integrated subjects such as discussion, field trips and practical work contributing to all-round education based on the theoretical concept of International Baccalaureate.

Extracurricular activities after class

A carefully selected specialist conducts extracurricular lessons after school.


Equipped with an electronic blackboard, we connect with schools around the world to develop the IT skills of our students.

Subject-based elective lesson

We invite professional instructors from the outside to develop skills in various areas to balance each trait.

1st ~ 6th Grade

※There is an entrance examination

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※After School Club is available.

※After School Club is available.(〜19:00)


5 days a week

Monday – Friday

Main subject

English, Reading, Writing, Caligraphy
Social Studies, ComputerLab etc.