【UPBEAT will resume normal classes from June 1st】

We are excited to announce that UPBEAT will resume normal classes from June 1st!

The state of emergency has been lifted and from Monday June 1st, UPBEAT will recommence its elementary school, preschool and nursery school. The after school and Saturday school classes will also be up and running.
Every person at UPBEAT has done their best to ensure that not one person contracts COVID-19, and we are so glad to have met this goal!
To everyone in our UPBEAT family, thank you so much for your patience, hard work and co-operation over these last few months.

We will continue to carefully follow our safety policies when school restarts, which are detailed below.
(Staff side)
● Four child-sized masks will be provided for free to each student in preschool and elementary (2-year-old and up).
● Eight masks will be provided to every teacher or staff member.
● Staff members must always wear a mask.
● Staff must all check their temperature each day before coming to work.
● Managing health and overseas travel history for all employees.
● Employees who feel unwell must stay home from work for a set period of time.
● Follow thorough hand washing and sanitizing procedures.
(Facility support)
● Temperature checking (using a non-contact thermometer), hand sanitizing and full body disinfectant spray for all people entering the school (including delivery staff, traders etc.).
● Regularly opening doors and windows to let fresh air into the classrooms.
● Using air purifiers in each classroom and machines to spray hypochlorous acid in each school.
● Cleaning and sanitizing all door handles, light switches and toilets every hour.
● Monitoring and controlling the temperature in each classroom to prevent heat stroke.
(Children attending school)
● Following social distancing procedures and eating lunch in an open space (middle preschool and up).
● Improving bacteria resistance through increased intake of lactic acid (Tempaku campus).
● Checking students' temperature when they come to school.
● Preventing heatstroke by having a water break in the shade every ten minutes when playing outside.

After these last three months away, we will do everything we can to have a fun and fulfilling time together!
We will also strive to continue nurturing every child's natural learning ability and spirit of inquiry.
We are excited to see you again soon!