【UPBEAT Declaration for continuing COVID-19】

In light of the resurgence in Tokyo, concerns are being raised about second and third waves of COVID-19.
We at UPBEAT have successfully made our way through the first wave, but want to reaffirm our commitment to providing quality education while protecting against the virus.
● If a state of emergency is declared again, we will not close the school.
(We will be there to support the families of essential workers.)
● We will stay connected through online means. In the case of a state of emergency, we will hold online classes again.
(The school will also remain open so that no children are left at home alone.)
● We will continue to support all students' education.
(We will make full use of ICT resources so that the children do not stop learning or fall behind.)
● We will endeavor to prevent COVID-19 cases from occurring at UPBEAT.
(We will be meticulous with precautionary procedures and sanitation.)
● We will keep you updated without delay.
(We will pay close attention to any government announcements and inform you quickly.)

With the above information in mind, we will continue to apply the following protocols:

① Precautions when Entering or Leaving the Country
If any children or staff enter Japan from overseas, a home quarantine period of two weeks will be required.
② Sanitizing and Temperature Checks
We have four requirements when entering UPBEAT: 1) temperature check with a non-contact thermometer, 2) alcohol based hand sanitizing, 3) disinfectant spray for clothing, and 4) mandatory use of a mask.
③ Class Hygiene Management
We will continue using air purifiers in each class and following comprehensive cleaning and sanitizing practices.
④ Health Management
We have a nurse at school, and will strive to protect the health of all staff and students.
⑤ Online Learning
If the situation changes and we need to return to online classes, we will be ready to provide these with all efficiency.

Under the COVID19 continuing situation, UPBEAT will try our best to protect our families and children by sharing information promptly and forming ourselves swiftly and flexibly.
UPBEAT is here always for you.