【Elementary School Open Day Cancellation Notice】

Greetings everyone,

We hope this email finds you well.

Due to the circumstances surrounding the spread of COVID-19, it has been decided that the elementary, middle and high schools in Nagoya should close. While deeply unfortunate, UPBEAT has had to cancel the open day for our new elementary school (scheduled for Saturday, April 11th).

Our sincerest apologies to everyone who made time in their schedules for this event, and for cancelling with such short notice. We will do our utmost to arrange another time for you to visit our school after the COVID-19 situation has passed. We appreciate your understanding, and apologize for not informing you about the changes sooner.

We hope you can all take good care of yourself in these troubling times, and look forward to seeing you all again.

Kindest regards,
IB World School
UPBEAT International School