Japanese Lesson With Childcare

Kids:5year-old and above Adults:at any age

UPBEATInternationalSchool-Elementary Tuesday&Friday(3PM-6PM)


You will learn the language you will need in your daily life in Japan, such as when going shopping, going to the hospital, and participating in community events.

*Levels for adult classes are set based on the Japan Foundation's JF Standard for Living Japanese (
This JF Japanese Language Standard is a common indicator of Japanese language proficiency in Japan and abroad, and can also be used to show Japanese language proficiency.

(1) Learn Japanese directly related to daily life, such as words for talking about yourself in Japanese, words you will need when playing with friends and in school life.
(2) Preparation for and assistance with the content of study at school.

*Levels for children's classes are set by UPBEAT's own standards, combining the JF Seikatsu Japanese Language Standard and the Japanese language grade levels of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.


-Daily conversation
-learning content at school

About 6 students per class

Students learn through an effective combination of textbooks, flashcards, picture cards, worksheets, etc.

Monthly Fee (1lesson/45mins)


If you participate in the UPBEAT Nihongo ILOHA Junction...
You can learn "live Japanese" that can be used in daily life, from casual expressions to formal expressions.
You will learn natural Japanese that you can use immediately from the day you learn it, because our qualified teachers teach in an easy-to-understand manner.
Students will also learn about Japanese culture, so they will be able to use Japanese with an understanding of cultural differences.
You can also take lessons according to your individual needs, such as "I want to prepare for a school test" or "I want to know the Japanese for procedures at the city office.

My name is Saya Ishihara, a Japanese language teacher.
I decided to open this Japanese lesson to help children and adults who live in Japan and wish "I want to study Japanese!" "I want to speak Japanese!"
ILOHA Junction welcome any motivation, whether it is for living in Japan, playing with friends, working, or understanding anime and manga and so on.
Would you like to enjoy learning natural and practical Japanese, not just textbooks?

Graduated from a four-year university in Nagoya, Japan, with a degree in education, and obtained licenses as a nursery teacher, kindergarten teacher, and elementary school teacher.
After graduation, she worked at a public elementary school for 3 years and as an au pair in the U.S. for 2 years, and is now in her 5th year as a Japanese teacher at UPBEAT International School.
She passed the Japanese Language Teaching Proficiency Test in 2023.

Childrencan stay in the childcare club before/after the lesson or during parents lesson!

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