【Important Announcement】

Dear UPBEAT Parents and Guardians,

As the COVID-19 outbreak is expanding each day, we sincerely appreciate the concerns you have shown for our students, parents, and staff. We appreciate your thoughts during this uncertain time.

As the new school year is approaching, we felt it was important to announce the safety and health management measures we have been taking to care for students at all our school facilities. Since the occurrence of the outbreak, our measures have been updating each day and our team has been educated according to the instructions received from the administrative government organization.
We are constantly discussing and formulating how to prepare a perfect system to take care of our students as we start the new school year. Our aim is to have no COVID-19 positives cases at UPBEAT.
We will continue to share information on the current situation with you and update you on any further changes so that UPBEAT's students, families, staff members, and teachers are not affected.

UPBEAT Preschool is a childcare business in principle. We are obliged to support parents and families who contribute to the society and continue to operate even under adverse circumstances. We will continue to look after children from 0 to 6 years old. Furthermore, we have made certain decisions at the present time for purposes other than about our childcare business.
We sincerely apologize for changing and making these difficult decisions, but we are thinking about the safety and health of our children.

◆About After School / Saturday School / Baby & Mom class / Private Lessons
・All After School / Baby & Mom / Private Classes on every campus will be closed in April. We will work on disinfection to ensure safety.
・Saturday classes on all campuses will continue with consideration for measures such as ventilation, non-contact body temperature, and disinfection. However, classes such as the Eiken Classes after Saturday School will be closed to ensure safety as we disinfect the whole campus.

◆About UPBEAT Elementary School
・April will be closed in principle. However students who need childcare, such as students who have both parents working are allowed to attend school. Please contact Office for further notice.
・Online Schooling will be continuing to be provided.

Last but not least, we apologize for the time it took us to contact all of you due to various preparations, understanding of the situation, and our own administrative response.
We pray for the safety and health of everyone and we will continue to fulfill our role to all those who enter UPBEAT.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

UPBEAT International School
Representative Director Saori Otsuka