【2020 UPBEAT Summer Holiday Notification】

Due to Japanese Bon vacation, all the campuses will be closed from August 9th(Sun.) to August 16th (Sun.).
Please come back to UPBEAT from the dates below;

 ◆ Preschool/Prep. Preschool/Nursery ・・・ August 17th (Mon)
 ◆ Elementary ・・・ August 17th(Mon)
 ◆ After School / (Semi)Private Lesson・・・ August 17th (Mon)
 ◆ Baby-Mom Class・・・Nakagawa:August 19th (Wed); Tempaku : August 20th (Thu)
 ◆ Saturday School ・・・ August 22nd (Sat)

UPBEAT will be held as usual until the Governor of Aichi expresses their views on the current situation in our community - please keep in mind that we may make a decision to change our school's operation without prior notice.

Also, we would like to remind all the families of our "How We Should Stay Safe Under COVID-19" infographic.
- UPBEAT strongly recommends that you stay away from places or situations which would increase your risk of COVID-19.
- Please contact the campus office if you see the health condition of your child(ren) change during or before returning to school after Bon vacation.
- In case you go abroad, please inform the office in advance. After returning from abroad, please understand that you will need to undergo a 2 week quarantine period before being allowed to return to UPBEAT.

Thank you for your understanding.
Please take good care of yourselves over the break.
Enjoy your holidays, but be careful!!