Reflections on UPBEAT Recital 2023


The Prelude: Seeds of Talent and Preparation:

Our school recently had an experience that we're excited to share with you!
The recital at our school was absolutely amazing. Felt like a dream come true. We couldn't be prouder of all the students for their performance on stage.
It was stunning to see how excited everyone was. After first being a little shy and nervous, the kids were able to bloom into real performers. From their first practice to the final performance, their journey was like a magical fairy tale, filled with strength, teamwork, and a lot of amazing moments, they were able to share and grow together. The most magical part of the performance was seeing how each kid was able to overcome their shyness and worries and was able to showcase all that they had been practicing for months on stage.


◆Programme of recitals


Welcoming Speech
Grade 3A “Peter Pan”
Grade 1A “Pinocchio and Fabiana”
Grade 5 “The Big Monster Mishap”
Grade 1B “Matilda”
Grade 3B “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”
Ending Speech

Welcoming Speech
Whales ~Terrific Tale of Trolls~
Turles ~India in a One-derful World~
Dragon ~Vikings VS Dragons~      
Ending Speech
Welcome Speech
Whale B & D “The Little Mer-kids”
Turtle C & D “Colors”
Dragon A “The Aristocat”
Turtle A & B “Mexico’s La Bamba”
Dragon B “ The Piggies, the Wolves
and the Farmer”
Whale A & C “Rascals of Pride Rock
Ending Speech


Blossoming Confidence: From Shy Beginnings to Star Performers

The recital was not just about a stage show it was also about discovering new things about themselves and understanding that everyone is far more competent than they originally thought. We were able to witness students who were initially afraid to go on stage later stand confidently during rehearsals. Others who had some apprehension about speaking or performing showed us and their friends that they could overcome their fears. It brought us joy to witness each child gaining confidence and striving to make everyone proud.

Unity and Support: Teachers and Students as One

The mutual support that our teachers and students showed one another also made everyone proud. It was an amazing experience for both children and teachers, they were able to bond more with each other and we were able to witness how each teacher was doing their best to support each child and keep them motivated to practice their lines and dance moves. There were encouraging words, a lot of laughs, and supportive hands everywhere. The entire school was filled with a lot of cheers from each kid and teacher, they were standing proudly performing for their friends and supporting each other to keep doing their best until the final performance day. The teachers were also able to work hard and continue to contribute to each kid's motivations by showing them the amazing backgrounds and props they crafted. It was also their own way to keep enhancing the students' stage presence and allowing them to shine more.


Celebrating Growth and Unforgettable Memories

On the Recital day everyone was nervous, parents, teachers, staff, and of course our star of that day the kids. Teachers were able to keep supporting them backstage and keep providing them with all the support they needed right before their performance. In the end, It was an amazing experience and everyone was smiling and it was one of the greatest highlights of this event. Being able to make everyone smile and laugh, all the students created unforgettable experiences and memories. It was nice to see that the performance was an amazing commemoration of all students' tenacity, growth, and development. We hope that all the children will be able to remember this incredible experience and be inspired to continue overcoming their fears and keep shining.

                                  UPBEAT International School Prep.Prechool Amel