【Regarding Our Lunches at UPBEAT】

As reported on the news a few days ago, there was an accidental death at a nursery school in Tokyo. At this nursery school, an almost 4 year old kindergartener choked on a grape that was prepared for their school lunch.
Regarding the ingredients of our lunches at UPBEAT, we check in advance to prevent students from eating large and easy to on choke foods. We also make adjustments so that their food will be provided to them in smaller cut sizes that are easy to eat.
In each classroom, we check their food and, if necessary, we cut it into smaller pieces with kitchen scissors. Throughout lunchtime, the teachers and caregivers also provide instructions on how to chew and eat their food well for their own safety.

We will continue to pay close attention to these matters in the future to prevent such a sad accident from happening at UPBEAT.

UPBEAT International School