【UPBEAT- Elementary ・Enrollment for Year 2021】

We would like to announce the application guidelines for Year 2021 enrollment and details regarding opening our school to visitors for admission.
Please contact our admission office for any further information.

Application Period: June 8th (Mon) -July 3rd (Fri)   
Application for Visiting Period:June 22nd (Mon)-June 26th (Fri)
Visiting Dates: June 29th (Mon)-July 3rd (Fri)
  Visiting Time: 15 minutes per family (reservation required)
*To prevent COVID-19, we limit the number of visitors and the duration of your stay. We appreciate for your understanding in advance.
Contact: Admission Office @ UPBEAT International School-Elementary

※Our school's promotion video will be ready in advance of your visitation.
※Please wear a mask for your visit. Let us check your temperature at the entrance as well.
※Please be aware that you would like to rearrange for a visit if you have a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher at the entrance.